Need an Accountant? 30 Questions to Ask.

What is an accountant

What is an accountant

Do you need an accountant?

Accounts come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Expert accountants who are tax accountant, QuickBooks online accountants and certified public accountants are hard to find. So you need to ask the right questions before hiring a Certified Public Account or CPA.

Often, business owners ask us one question: How much will it cost for you to do my accounting or taxes? We are happy to answer that question for you. However, you may want to ask us more questions to understand what CPA Tampa and Joel Berman Accounting do. Here are some questions to consider. And yes, feel free to grill us. We appreciate your interest and want you to know us better. Setting expectations at the beginning contributes toward a healthy long-term relationship between a business owner and their accountant.

1. What is an accountant?
2. What does an accountant do?
3. Are you a tax accountant?
4. Are you a small business accountant?
5. Are you a forensic accountant?
6. How long have you been an accountant?
7. What accounting experience do you have with companies in my industry?
8. What experience do you have with companies at my revenue level?
9. What professional bookkeeping, accounting, and/or tax credentials do you have?
10. How skilled are you with technology?
11. What accounting software do you support?
12. Have you earned any accounting software credentials?
13. Do you partner with any accounting software vendors, and what benefits do your clients receive from your partnership?
14. What accounting and tax services do you offer? Do you have a specialty or favorite service or niche?
15. What services are in-house and what is outsourced by you to other vendors? (example: payroll)
16. Are your employees US-based or overseas?
17. What size is your team, and who would support my business?
18. How do you bill for services: flat-rate or hourly?
19. How long is my initial rate locked in for?
20. How often do you raise prices on clients?
21. What price would you charge to perform the services I need?
22. Do you offer a guarantee or warranty on your work?
23. How do you protect and secure my financial data?
24. Who in your company and supply chain will see my financial data?
25. How secure is the accounting software you use?
26. Do you require me to sign a contract or engagement letter?
27. What is your cancellation policy?
28. If I pay for software through you and decide to cancel, what happens to my software and data inside the accounting system?
29. Is your firm environmentally-friendly?
30. Do I have to come into your office?

If you need an accountant, contact CPA Tampa and Joel Berman today.