Let CPA Tampa Focus On Your Accounting, Payroll And Tax Needs

CPA Tampa realizes that time is money. That is why hundreds of clients trust us to handle their accounting so that they can spend more time growing their business. Whether it is their bookkeeping, payroll, taxes or audits, CPA Tampa will provide you with professional services.

At CPA Tampa, our team of certified public accountants are experts who can help individuals and small businesses with all of your accounting needs.


We offer a full suite of accounting, bookkeeping, financial and tax accounting services.



Professional and accurate payroll services for all busiineses from small to large.


We provide tax planning & preperation, tax resolutions and IRS audit services.


At CPA Tampa, we get to know each of our clients personally and are always ready to provide reliable financial advice whenever you have questions.

CPA Tampa is a CPA accounting firm located in Largo, FL. We are a trusted accountant and financial advisor for businesses and individuals. We offer professional accounting solutions and tax saving strategies aimed at saving you money and helping you manage your personal and business finances better.

At CPA Tampa, our team of certified public accountants are experts who can help individuals and small businesses with all of your accounting needs.

  • S2 Insite
    I was looking for a small business accountant and came across CPA Tampa and Joel Berman. They did a great job with my taxes. I was very happy with their communication and attention to detail. I will continue to utilize them.
    S2 Insite
  • Julie McGinley
    We began with Joel 6 years ago when we lived in Florida. He is very knowledgeable. personable and explains in detail the tax process. We felt so comfortable with him that we have continued to use his services after we moved out of state. We highly recommend his services!
    Julie McGinley
  • Al Shahriari
    Joel is my CPA over 10 years he's hallways there when you need him I like to have him for next 10 years.
    Al Shahriari
  • Julie Feldmann
    Joel, is very professional, timely and responsive. His services are exactly what we were looking for when we relocated to Florida.
    Julie Feldmann
  • Shanna H.
    Mr. Berman came to my rescue last year. I had been using the same company for a few years. I had followed their directions to a T. Sent in all required information/paperwork. Signed docusign. Sent in payment agreement. They just didn't do my taxes. I was not even able to know if they submitted my taxes. And they were not returning my calls/emails. Mr. Berman told me how to reach the IRS to find out if my taxes were filed. When I learned they were not, he took care if filing for me. He did a great job and did it quickly. I am ever so grateful for his help. I will continue to use his services.
    Shanna H.
  • Tamara Randolph
    Joel was very professional and efficient. I wish I had been referred to him before! Used his service last year and am definitely using his service again!
    Tamara Randolph
  • Timothy Heath
    Top drawer accountant. Extremely detail oriented, and research oriented when complications arise (e.g., when facing diverse types of international income). As good as I've seen in care and explanations, and I've had some great accountants over the years. He focuses on individual and small-business taxes, the latter being a passion for him and where he focused his early career before embracing individual as well.
    Timothy Heath
  • Brian Mcmullan
    Joel and his staff provided my family excellent service and handled a tricky trust return with confidence. I would highly recommend Joel for any CPA and tax needs!
    Brian Mcmullan
  • Ed Cucinelli
    Found Joel years ago to help with my personal taxes. Since then, he has helped me start a business and now handles all my business accounting and tax needs. Definitely recommend, efficienct and effective.
    Ed Cucinelli
  • Pam W
    Joel is responsive, knowledgeable, and very helpful especially with navigating through all the financial nuances of a college education. We have been a client for 5 years and highly recommend his services!
    Pam W
  • Dewey Wallace
    I had always done my own taxes until I met Mr. Berman in 2003. Before sending in my taxes, I asked him to review what I had done. He came back saving me over $900.00! Ever since then he he has done both my personal and business taxes. He is honest and reliable, and I feel like I am getting the better deal. Very happy.
    Dewey Wallace
  • Kenneth Albert
    I have used Joel for almost 10 years and both the service and quality of his work has been outstanding. I am a CFP professional and often refer clients to him, especially businesses owner clients. My clients love him too.
    Kenneth Albert
  • Marie Eaddy
    I have worked with Joel Berman, CPA for 3 years. He is highly professional and very knowledgeable regarding tax issues. I am a professional business woman with an advanced degree in business, but I couldn’t have navigated my tax issues without him. He is always responsive and helped me through a very difficult situation. I am truly fortunate to have him as an advisor. Thank you Joel!
    Marie Eaddy
  • jeff schenk
    I am a client of Joel's and have used him for filing my personal taxes for the last 6 years. Joel always prepares my taxes in accurately and within my time table. He has helped my navigate through the taxes during the settling of my mother's estate as well a year when I had significant medical expenses.
    jeff schenk
  • Jeremy Sawicki
    Joel is a consummate professional. I have been using him for over 10 years and have never been disappointed. If you call him, he calls you back. If you ask a question, he answers. It really is gold-standard service. I have used him for personal income taxes, business taxes, S corporation filing, Payroll taxes, and just general bookkeeping and accounting advice. Also, If you get a scary letter from the IRS or from the state, he will know how to handle it!
    Jeremy Sawicki
  • carlos urtiaga
    I met Joel working as a CFO for a $10M business more than 20 years ago. He handled several "busy" businesses along with the owner's tax returns, and resolved IRS issues. He was very knowledgeable back then. Today, I am with a EA partner in an accounting firm with more than 500 clients. As a CPA myself with over 30 years experience. On a rare occasion when I encounter a complex, foreign return or rare subject, I reach out to Joel as he is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and authentic in a profession that changes constantly, especially during COVID/post COVID at warp speed. He is a valuable resource!!!
    carlos urtiaga
  • mike meyer
    Joel is the best CPA I've ever had. He helped resurrect years of mismanaged accounting work associated with my small business which I am extremely grateful for! He is very precise and by the book of law which I admire strongly. Thanks Joel for making my business endeavors more fluent and profitable!
    mike meyer
  • D B
    I have been working with Joel for over 10 years. Both personal and multiple businesses operating in multiple states. Very complicated situations. Joel has always gone the extra mile and caught issues I was not even aware of to be concerned. In the modern era, the tax code is too complicated for a business owner to try and figure it out and effectively operate their business. Joel is a breath of fresh air and very detail oriented to protecting me and my interests. His annual review process helps me to organize my records and activities in a tax efficient manner.
    D B
  • Monika Smolarczyk
    Joel has been doing my personal and business taxes for many years. He's always available when I have questions, and thoroughly researches all topics. Joel and his team are detail oriented, reliable, and knowledgeable.
    Monika Smolarczyk
  • Tami Shannon
    I have known Joel for many years through online business. I reached out to Joel for tax advice with my business and he helped me with his knowledge on how to handle my business taxes going forward. He took the time to answer my questions which will help me with future tax preparation. Thank you very much Joel for sharing your expertise advise. I would recommend your services to family and friends.
    Tami Shannon
  • J Geisel
    Joel has been our accountant since we opened our first of two businesses in March of 2016. He assisted us with setting up and incorporating both businesses. He does all our accounting for both our small law firm as well as our real estate company. We continue to use him for filing all our payroll returns as well as our yearly business and personal taxes. If anyone is looking for a good accountant for either their personal or small businesses, Joel is an amazing accountant who always makes time for his clients questions and takes the time to explain often complicated IRS regulations in the most simple ways.
    J Geisel
  • Douglas Noel
    Joel has been doing our taxes for the last three years and has saved us thousands in taxes. His knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail are second to none. We highly recommend him for your accounting, tax and financial consulting needs. Thanks, Joel, for your exemplary service.
    Douglas Noel
  • Dennis Lewis
    We started working with Joel back in 2018. He has handled many tax situations for us, including normal wages, retirement income, rental income, 1099 work, and S-Corp finances. In every instance, Joel has proven himself to be professional, timely, knowledgable, and accurate. He is also well-versed in tax code application to military service members and spouses. I wouldn't take my business anywhere else.
    Dennis Lewis
  • Missy V
    We started working with Joel over ten years ago when our previous CPA left and we uncovered a serious error in our corporate books. It took Joel weeks to resolve and get our accounting in order, but he taught me a lot in the process. From then on, we have relied on Joel for his expertise and advice, both with corporate and personal matters. He is always thorough in answering questions, and always makes himself available to us. As pleasant as he is competent, we would never consider working with anyone but Joel.
    Missy V
  • Susie Q.
    Joel is an excellent example of a professional accountant. He is detail oriented, knowledgeable, and simply 'with it' when it comes to taxes and the law. I would recommend Joel to anyone needing someone to simply do it right. Thank you Joel for all your hard work in keeping our finances straight! He is one of the most competent human beings I know. In a world of mediocrity Joel stands out. Knowing Joel, I have no fear of the IRS, as his integrity is above question.
    Susie Q.
  • Rich A
    I recently had some questions regarding 401K withdrawals, and real estate concerns as I plan for retirement. I needed some sophisticated analysis done to determine potential tax impacts of various pay off scenarios. This type of analysis was definitely beyond my accounting skills. It was also a bit much for my normal tax professional. I found Joel Berman while searching online. Joel was able to gather all the data needed, then presented several well-conceived options allowing me to select the plan that made the most sense to me. I greatly appreciate his expertise and ability to deliver on some very complex financial concepts. I would recommend, and definitely plan, to use his services again to review and monitor my progress. I would highly recommend him for any business related tax issues, or out of the ordinary consumer tax projections. Thanks Again Joel !!
    Rich A
  • Gina Parrado
    Amazing CPA! He takes the time to really listen to your needs and answers questions in a manner that a non-CPA like myself can understand. Joel has been helping me during tax time for years and occasionally I have needed help with a few things when it wasn’t tax time. He has never failed to come through with a knowledgeable and timely response and details to back it up. This man seriously knows his stuff. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a CPA that works for you not only when you file your taxes but all year round.
    Gina Parrado